Welcome to 3C Metal
3C Metal is a company recognized for its expertise in High Pressure Piping, however we now offer a myriad of services and capabilities.

3C Metal's head office and operations are located in Sauvelade, France. A state of the art workshop and fabrication facility allows for the manufacturing of HP piping, structures and pressure vessels according to internationally recognized standards (European Standards, CODAP, CODETI, PED, ASME and API).

3C Supply is 3C Metal's procurement and material division focusing on sourcing material, equipment and fittings in an expedient manner and has the capability to provide a total procurement solution.

To expand our global reach, 3C Metal has two subsidiaries located in Cape Town, South Africa, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The subsidiary based in Cape Town, 3C Metal South Africa, consists of a workshop, fabrication facilities dedicated to piping fabrication, and a Drilling Riser inspection/repair yard through its division 3C Belmet Services.

3C Metal Middle East in Dubai consists of a piping fabrication workshop and is also the base for the 3C Metals Engineering, Project Management and Specialized Deployment of highly skilled labor and supervision to offshore and onshore clients.

Both subsidiaries hold significant stock of high pressure piping, fitting and valves.